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Tavern Tuesdays: 8 PM EST

Leezil a posted Sep 16, 12

Greetings, fellow Tyrians! It's my pleasure to announce that starting this Tuesday (9/18), we'll be hosting weekly in-guild RP tavern nights. What are these and how do I become a part of them, you might ask? Read on!

Tavern Tuesdays are intended as a way for us to come home from work or school and dive right into roleplay without the need to break our immersion with set up and discussion ahead of time. All that's involved is showing up and roleplaying--it's that easy. So come on in, settle down and grab a drink, and relax with your fellow adventurers. Just as this is a time for us as players to unwind, it's simply a chance for our characters to unwind as well. 

Is participation mandatory? No, but heavily encouraged! After all, we're all here to roleplay, right?

Can I bring a friend? Can I come if I'm not part of the guild? We may stamp out rules for this in the future, but for now consider yourself welcome if you are here to roleplay, whether or not you (or your friend) are actually a part of the guild at all. We are not claiming this area as "ours", as of course taverns are public places. However, please be respectful.

Do we have to drink and chat? I don't like 'campfire' RP. Not at all! If you want to RP something else, feel free. All we ask is that you start it by coming to the Tavern Night and getting people involved IC, instead of pulling them away OOC. This is a springboard for non-chatty RP, just as much as it is a chance for us to unwind.

Why would my character be there? As with all RP, if something is blatantly out of character for your PC, it's best not to do it. However, just because your character is not terribly social doesn't mean they might not have a reason to attend. If you really need an excuse, just say Adele made you come!

No one's here! People get off work and get home at different times, and our guild encompasses several time zones. We request that people be patient when first showing up at the area: others might still have a bit before they show up. If the first person to show up takes off as soon as they see no one is there, then no one will ever attend! As such, patience is really crucial here. Also, be sure that you're not in the overflow zone. We'll always hold these in the Jade Quarry server, not in the overflow zones. Some days the area may be too busy and you may have trouble getting into the server. If that's the case, we may end up moving the server, so be sure to let us know if this is a problem. However, be aware that most of the time overflow waits are only a few minutes long.

Is there anything else I should know? Not especially. ICly speaking, we're just relaxing between jobs. The tavern does exist in the Ossan District of Divinity's Reach, which is culturally the base of Elonian refugees. It might be worth reading up on Elona, but it's not really necessary. For flavor, consider that about half of the tables are low so you can sit on the ground (an absolute savior since GW2 doesn't allow for easy sitting). Since Elona contains cultures similar to real-world Africa, Morocco, and the Middle East, consider trying exciting exotic drinks and dishes like arak and couscous!

How do I get there? Where is it held? Check the map below! The tavern in question is an unnamed establishment in the Ossan District in Divinity's Reach. Just look for the little red star. You'll know it when you see it in-game.

Greetings comrades and assorted associates! The Jade Quarry community will be hosting two TeamSpeak meet ups, on 8/22 and 8/24. Please refer to the associated thread here for more information. The first of the meetings appears to be more of a guild planning bent, but the second is a pre-launch party and meet up to which I hope all or most of you will attend and get to know the folks we'll be bumping pauldrons with. 

On that note, I would like to remind you all that you are not under any obligation to only be a member of this guild. I would encourage all guild members to join however many guilds they wish for their own purposes, as a purely RP guild may not fully satisfy those scandalous PvP needs.

Cheers, and see you all in seven days!

AusGre Ah shit sorry... I didn't even realize this was happen.
Leezil a I only just got home haha.
Olin A few ladies are also talking but I'm guessing they are also sweaty and nerdy.

That's right folks, we've settled down and decided on a permanent, post-release server (as opposed to a temporary beta one). Jade Quarry has it's own, very friendly community, which you can feel welcome getting involved in if you so please. The server is home to a large number of "relics", or players from the old Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer MMORPGS. So expect a lot of competitive and experienced, but friendly, PvPers! It's also roleplayer-friendly, and we will be supportive of efforts to build up an active and tight-knit roleplaying community on this server.

Please note that members of Ardent Company are by no means required to declare Jade Quarry their home server. Because you are able to guest on a server if you have a friend in it, you will be able to pop in to play with us. However, declaring the same home server (you select it when you log in for the first time) is a requirement for playing WvWvW together, and makes things easier for everyone.

And yes, that fancy image up there is by the folks at the Jade Quarry community website. Stylish, eh?
Ragnar Blah, server full before the three day head-start even started.

Quick & Dirty Newbie Guide

Leezil a posted Jul 26, 12  -  guide

Welcome friends and curious passersby. Many of you--and by you, I mean friends!--are just getting involved, now that release day is approaching. There’s a lot to catch up on, especially if you’re new to the game itself and its lore. This guide is meant to bring you up to speed on both, as well as how the guild itself will operate. This guild will be written assuming you have not yet played the game, so skip anything you feel you already know. And be sure to read the Recruitment Poster!

However, even those of you who have followed the game may find the last section, Welcome to the Ardent Company, of interest.

Our server will be Maguuma!

Leezil a posted Jul 19, 12  -  betabwe3news
Once again, our server will be Maguuma. Please be sure to pick this server upon logging in this weekend! Free server transfers will be available for the first day but it is always safer to pick the server you want the first time. You are of course free to play on whatever server you like, but we will be able to help you learn the game/play together should you choose the "official" BWE3 server!

See you in-game!
Ragnar You may want to delete this news piece, to avoid any accidents it could cause.
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